Clan Leader

As the name says, it is the leader of the {KoD} Clan and the chairman leader of the Dark Council. There is only 1 leader at time, the current one on the leader chair is Shogun. The leader has the ultimate power and is mostly in charge of all important decisions made during council meetings. The Leader rank may only be given to a council member chosen by the Leader himself, once he decides to step down or to leave. The authority of the Leader is absolute and his judgment and decisions must be respected at all times.

Dark Council

The Dark Council, also called the ruling body, is led by the current Clan Leader. The Dark Council consists of the most experienced and trustworthy members, who help manage and rule the clan. They are the ones who accept or deny new recruits, give out promotions or demotions, manage the forum and server, discuss private matters within clan during council meetings, give new announcements and suggestions to fellow clan members. The council as a whole decides who will enter into the council through a voting process, the leader posts in {KoD} Center regarding the interest in taking the responsibility of being a council member, one must be the rank of Lord to qualify. They may also invite any candidate who fits the role of being a council member with consent from the Clan Leader. When the leader himself is not present, then the Dark Council are the ones who represent his position. Their authority must be respected at all times.


The Lord is the last and highest possible rank a member can achieve as a none invite rank. This rank is held by those who are the greatest in terms of overall skills with all knowledge gathered since joining the clan. Lords are the most respectful and experienced members of the clan and they represent the best of the clan at all times. As Lord your task is to teach new members who wish to undergo serious training in any area (sabering, hosting etc), you are able to set and organize saber classes in group and have the full responsibility to manage it. It is very hard to achieve the Lord rank, as one must have been in the clan without any issues within. The Lord acts as an Advisor to the Dark Council and contributes to the clan in any way possible. They may be asked to complete tasks by the Dark Council. At this rank you may be considered to get invitation into the Dark Council. Members who step down from the Dark Council are also given this rank as a sign of gratitude for all their hard work.


The rank of Master is an elite rank which is only awarded to members who have maintained an exceptional level of loyalty, maturity, and understanding towards the clan and its policies. The Master is expected to be an expert in either the fields of knowledge, training, or sabering. At this rank you must be an excellent role model for other members at all times. Other members and players will look to you for advice and guidance and you must always be prepared to give it as a Master.


The rank of Marauder is greatly respected and honoured. Reaching this rank requires patience and hard work, not to mention loyalty and dedication to the clan. To reach this rank, you must prove that you are skilled in the ways of the clan and have a good understanding of its rules and policies, as well as demonstrating active contributions to the clan, such as visiting other clans and organising diplomacy/events, or hosting and participating at clan events and meetings. You should be ready to stand as a clan representative at all times and come forward when required, whether to help others or enforce the clan rules. If you did not receive an admin trial as a Warrior, you can be sure that you will be tested for Instructor-Level Admin at this rank.


The rank of Warrior is awarded to members who have consistently shown a good awareness of clan policies, as well as good initiative and the ability to act and think independently on both forums and server. By the time you reach this rank, you will need to start showing an awareness towards matters relating to administration and clan business. If you are consistently mature and knowledgeable as a Warrior, you may be invited to your first admin trial. This is a responsibility with a big impact on the clan and you will need to show that you are capable and trustworthy enough to be given such authority.


The first full member rank in the clan, this rank is awarded to Acolytes who successfully pass their trial period. As a new clan member, you will be expected to be active and show enthusiasm towards all aspects of the clan. You will begin to be informed in more depth about the clan’s structure and policies, and you must be able to demonstrate a positive attitude and respect for clan rules and members. As a full member, you may also seek and choose a mentor to begin helping/training you in areas of the game that hold your interest.

Acolyte (Trialist)

This is the trial rank. You will spend your time on the forums and the server where we observe your activity, attitude & behaviour, as well as how well you to get to know and get along with our members. In 2 weeks from the moment you made your application, a Council member or the Leader will tell whether it has been accepted, denied or prolonged for another week. The decision is based on encounters with the applicant.